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The RESOURCES page presents...

... lists, links to (as possible) and comments on various resources relevant to the project including: books, journal and conference papers, reading lists and useful media.

The latest RESOURCES are...

Books, edited volumes, special issues, proceedings

Updated: 22-Feb-2008

Lynch, M. Scientific Practice and Ordinary Action: Ethnomethodology and Social Studies of Action. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 1993.
Plummer, K. Documents of Life: An Introduction to the Problems and Literature of a Humanistic Method. George Allen & Unwin: London, 1983.
Plummer, K. Documents of Life 2: An Invitation to a Critical Humanism. Sage Publications: London, 1991.
Schutz, A. On Phenomenology and Social Relations. University of Chicago Press: Chicago, 1970. (edited and with an introduction by Wagner, H.R.)

Journal papers

Updated: 22-Feb-2008

Garfinkel, H. Ethnomethodology’s Programme. Social Psychology Quarterly, 59, 1, (1996), 5-21.

Book chapters

Updated: 22-Feb-2008

Conference papers

Updated: 22-Feb-2008

Workshop papers and tutorials

Updated: 22-Feb-2008

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