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...personnel on the project, collaborators, co-authors etc.

The main PEOPLE are...

Mark Rouncefield from the Computing Department at Lancaster University who is leading this project and Connor Graham, from the same department who is a researcher on the project.

Dr Mark Rouncefield

Senior Research Fellow (Lancaster University) & Research Fellow (Microsoft)

Mark is the instigator and leader of this project. His main research interests centre on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and involve the study of various aspects work, organisation, human factors and interactive computer systems design. This work is strongly inter-disciplinary in nature and has led to extensive and continuing collaborations with colleagues in Sociology, Computing, Informatics and Management departments both in the UK and abroad. His empirical studies of work and technology have contributed to critical debates concerning the relationship between social and technical aspects of IT systems design and use. His empirical work has included the study of financial services, information giving services, hotels, steelworks and libraries. Recent work has focused on socio-technical aspects of the design and deployment of technologies in domestic and healthcare settings.

Mr Connor Graham

Researcher (Lancaster University) & Honorary Fellow (University of Melbourne)

Connor is a researcher on this project. His main research interests centre on use and usability issues with regard to mobile and social technologies in situ, in particular:

  • Understanding sensitive situations (e.g. mobile and health care settings) for the purpose of proposing and designing appropriate mobile and social technology (e.g. situated displays, blogs);
  • Understanding how social technologies can support personal life change and particular communities;
  • Defining the role for abstractions (e.g. theory, frameworks) drawn from other disciplines in HCI;
  • Understanding how methods (e.g. participatory design) involving both the designer and the designed for can assist with effective technology design.

Dr Jennifer Sheridan

Researcher (Lancaster University) & Consultant (Big Dog Interactive)

Jennifer has participated in the project. More details of her work are available from her Web site at:

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