The SIMTech’08 workshop was held at Microsoft Research Cambridge with the kind support of Microsoft Research and the Socio-Digital Systems research group. The full program for the day and a half is available from:
Haliyana Khalid took all these photos and kindly sent them on.
The road there
JJ Thomson Avenue
Microsoft Research
Signing In
Mark, Steinar & Connor
Mark & Steinar
The venue
Nick helping with registration
Mark & Bill
The way there
“Being Human”
Karola & Peter
Marije, Keith & Mark
Clint & Steinar
Wina, Elise & Daniela
Mark & Richard
Elise & Lina
Mark kicks things off
Richard gives the opening address
a focussed audience
Jonathan Grudin
Jonathan Grudin
Mark & Connor
a pretty good lunch
screen saver
Mobile Social Gaming
Mundane Pleasures in Everyday Life
Dave Randall
The fine art of surfacing
Creating Affinities Between Paper & Digital resources
Concluding questions
Mundane Intelligence in Interaction Design
Jonathan & Tim
Mark & Susan
Paul & Phil
The Crowd
Vincent & Peter
Reflective Agile Design
Embracing the Everyday
Photo Practices & Family Values
Question time
Mark introduces Bill
Bill Gaver
Bill Gaver
Trinity Hall
Empty tables
Clouds gathering
The menu
Supporting a Village Community
Digital Upheavals
Moblogging as a Method
Keith & Nick
Keith & Tim
Tim et al
Lina & Marije
Clint & Dave
getting ready
Sian & Connor
Applying Reflective Design
Communicating Commemoration
Martin on song
Crowd pleaser
On The Design of Digital Heirlooms
A break
Mark & Connor - “Are we going okay”
Abigail Sellen
Abigail Sellen
Mark and Abi
Wrapping up
The end