1½ day event in Cambridge (UK), 20-21 November 2008


The cost of attending this workshop will be GBP(£)90 (full fee) and GBP(£)50 (student/unemployed). This will include refreshments (e.g. coffee) over the day and a half and a dinner. The cost for the first or second day will be GBP(£)45. This single day fee will include refreshments on that day.


All workshop fees should be paid for in advance (preferred) or on the first day or the workshop at the registration area. Please note that registration is not being handled by Microsoft Research but by Lancaster University. Please:

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Pay by credit card (preferred) or cheque (in GBP only).
  3. Send a completed version of the form to Connor Graham at

Alternatively, please submit the completed form (and cheque if applicable) to the registration area on the first day of the workshop. Cheques should be made out to Lancaster University.

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