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This 2 year Microsoft European Research Fellowship was awarded in 2006 to Dr Mark Rouncefield from the Computing Department at Lancaster University in the UK. The focus of this grant is on understanding commonplace technologies in the context of everyday life and developing new methods for uncovering the everyday, mundane details their use.
Photos from the SIMTech'08 International Workshop are now available.
Simple Technologies in a Complex World was a theme at OzCHI'08

The SIMTech Project is...

...investigating the detailed use of everyday technologies (e.g. word-processors, spreadsheets) at work, home and play settings...examining the use of simple technologies to maintain family life, lead in organisations, create new things and undergo life changes...exploring how technologies 'become ordinary'...probing new social science research methods involving digital life documents.
This fellowship funded a successful international workshop at Microsoft Research, Cambridge at the end of 2008. The workshop was supported by Microsoft Research and Socio-Digital Systems at Cambridge. Photos of the event are available from:


The Australasian Computer-Human Interaction Conference included Simple Technologies in a Complex World as a theme. Photos of the event are available from:

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